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Reviews for "VampireHunter Ina 2"


I liked the Rammstein and the violence. just didnt like the voice over. like the first one better so farr.

Little Better

She doesn't look 9 in this one, she looks more like 16 or 18 in this 1.


A very great series to hit Newgrounds, I really enjoyed the storyline aswell as the animation. It had great graphics, voices, and pretty cool characters. This flash doesn't really have any bad, or improving comments. Great job.


A word of advice dude...MORE MOVEMENT...liked the music though...

ehhhh number two

right after watching first one,this seemed crappy,because as that guy said they just stand there and let her kill them. i think it was sorta worse than first one.oh yeah,and the voices sound so Lame.
spell it? L-A-M-E-