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Reviews for "Azazal - Scratch"

You and your audio very cool,i like you :D

Nice atmosphere at the beginning. The synths at :20 are a little cheesy and harsh-sounding in the upper register, but the production quality here is really high. Catchy drop. It's well-structured overall, too. I especially like the part at 2:32. I guess my main complaint with the piece is that it could use some stronger melodic content (and also maybe a more legato section or two for variety in the texture). That said, I certainly appreciate the punchy mix, sound design, and energy of this one. Keep at it, man!

It was great, but why did you make a song about cats again? All your songs are about cats! Can you make a song about dogs now?

Not amazed by the same constant cat sound, but the song is still amazing!

Good job! Skipping 2017 was a crazy idea to fans... But you came back in this year STRONG. Good job, I'm listening to it right meow! And the cat noise that people hate is fine, just don't listen to them cause you control your own life. They're not the boss of you! Please make more like this, will ya?