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Reviews for "FunkinJam-Tutorial"

Nicely made. Good job using blur to make up for a low frame rate; the motion in general looked pretty good. The drawings were cute and the concepts were pleasant. As for the quick end, I just like to think our Dearest Daddy finally took that shot

Sorry I couldn't give this more than 4 stars. It was animated so well too and I love the way you drew BF & GF (seriously, it's refreshing not seeing mah boi BF as a manlet haha.), but the ending was so abrupt and felt a little cut off.

This was still great tho for something so short. You could even say it left me a little-- "Blue Balled". Heh heh. Get it? Like when you get a game over? (yes thank you, I do suck.)

Also, and this is just my headcanon, but I always thought and/or hoped that "Mommy Must Murder" a.k.a. the MILF secretly approved of the boyfriend.

Though simplistic, it's pretty good for a first animation. Good job mate!

ay, pretty swell!

Unfortunatley the boyfriend died because of not having the "dodge" ability.