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Reviews for "Mordiggian Redux"

Ermagawd what a treat! I've had this on my phone for years and I still listen sometimes. Definitely a massive upgrade. It's awesome to revisit old things to compare and see the progress you've made.
So tell us the story... What were the biggest shockers when you re-opened the old project? The biggest mistake you originally made that you now cringe at. :3

JDawg00100 responds:

Man to be honest I really wish I had the old project file to look at. Back when I made it originally I just kind of threw it all together and wasn't even too impressed by it. But a lot of the vibes and sounds I got before were completely lost to me. So not only did I have to relearn the song but I had to figure out what all made it the way it was before. So it actually took me twice as long to rerecord it than to write and record it back in the day. It's kinda crazy. One thing that I really had to take a second take on was some of drums and lead guitar work. They are really things I don't do anymore, so it was a little difficult to get that muscle memory back for some of the licks I used to use. If there is anything that I really wasn't too happy with on the original was the quality, I've thought I could do better for years now but I just now decided to give it a go. Anyways thanks for the review :D

Superb piece! 5 stars for sure

JDawg00100 responds:

Thank you :D

I've also recently re-discovered the original piece on my phone and since have listened to it a lot. It feels like this version sounds more in vein of progressive metal, very interesting!

JDawg00100 responds:

Thanks for the review!