Reviews for "Livien"


That's stunning!

WieldtheKey responds:

Thank you very much C:


I messed op my last review but this time i'll say this every time i see good works of art it makes me want to become a better artist.


That is incredible, I love the realistic shaping and shading, your style is what I've been aiming for, for a long, long time, If I could get half as good as you are, I'd probably cry tears of joy.


I love all your art dood, good work. How long does it take to draw a solid piece like this?

To be honest

This is really quite good, but given the program you have, I would say you could have done a lot better. Also, they don't necessarily look like a girl (And I'm assuming they're supposed to because their name's Livien). If you want it to look more effeminate, I would suggest adding a more defined roundness to their face, as well as making features (like the chin) smaller. Overall, in comparison to your other work, it's sketchy and unfinished, you should have worked on it some more.

HOWEVER, if I was going to say something completely biased, yes, I would say this is totally awesome and I love the angular style to it... So keep working, for the love of god...