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Reviews for "Claire x Leon"

I freaking bursted out laughing at the way he whips out her tit lmao. it's like. HYAH!

If RE2 remake was a dark comedy. A good one, I'm not complaning.
I just want to see the dialogue before this scene to see how they find an agreement to do that. Something like this, I suppose:

Leon: "Ok, let's review what we know so far: Raccoon city is currently being destroyed by undead people and japanese monsters created by a deadly virus, there is a big guy with a fedora who likes DMX a little too much following you and me to kill us, your brother isn't in the city, an american-chinese femme fatale is wondering around being suspicious, our chances of surviving this night are very low, I'm tired of solving random puzzles that I still don't know who created and my welcome party for the police force was ruined before I got any cake...what do we do next?"
Claire: "(Sigh)...Weeeell...I have an idea, but you have to promise me one thing"
Leon: "What?"
Claire: "No kissing. But I want you to look deep into my eyes during it, just in case I change my mind"
Leon: "...What?"

Are you inspired by drills3d? this is very good

another one, but turn her around

So much built up sexual tension! Let them kiss next time!