I can't help but find Sanford amusing. He looks like an anime girl, watching from the sidelines. The placement of the characters on the screen is really repetitive and has a clear pattern. Not sure what to think of that. I guess it's ok, since the characters are at least focused on the right things. The Auditor looks like he's controlling Hank, Hank is fixated on Tricky and Tricky on him and Sanford...well, he's watching the Auditor seemingly, but he ended up in just as bad a position regarding that as Hank did in the movie. He just seems like he's unnecessary here, which I feel is unfair to him. And yeah, he did stay back in the end, but he fought too.
Now that I'm done complaining about Sanford, onto the details. I love Tricky's pearly whites. The hordes of undead clowns are nice, and that heccin' Dedmos in the corner, teasing me, is also nice. The Violence Aquired and Required is a nice touch.
Overall a well-made poster, though quite silly with Sanford, he really takes away from the epicness. He's just too silly.



Sanford has epic eyes

i cant believe the auditor is fucking dead