Good job!!!

stur wurs the fantom menuc was de most disapointind ding since ma son. i mean, haow mach moer culd u posiblee fuk up de entire bakstowy to ster wars? and whaile ma son eventualee hanged himself in de bathrum of a jew station, de unfortuunate reality of - I give up

Cymbourine responds:

+rep for actually getting the description

noice work.

It's well drawn, but i have problem with lack of some focus point, looks a little bit too haotick.

Wow amazing

Wow I have to say that you have done some amazing work sorry you didnt like the episode but this was pretty amazing art I would love more shine and sparkle, there may be some adjustments but maybe not much just depends on the direction you really wanted to go with this. This piece brings a sense of Exhilaration and you Ignite that with your talents shown here

I would love more shine and sparkle