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Reviews for "SELF"

i love the game mechanic, its so fun to play with and unique. the level are a bit challenging and its a easy game to master. however the game is short and when you master the controls and expect some big bossfight where its really hard, the game just ends. so mre levels would be appreciated

This was a really great game. The core mechanic was really interesting and it ~felt~ amazing. I really appreciated all the little gamefeel details like the subtle screenshake and "particle" effects.

The sound and art design are fantastic.

The music slaps and the lowpass version that plays when activating the self-power is super cool.

Great job, all around. And I would love to see more of this game!

Absolutely wonderful!
The slinging mechanic is hard to get used to at first, but you become pretty good at aiming it by the end of the game!
It's fun to figure out ways to shorten the amount of dashes you need to do, and for both the speedrun and endless aspects of this game!
The change in music for the dash before the explosive pop of it coming back in is excellent!
This game looks really cute and interesting, I think this is quite possibly the best game you've had a hand in mmattugh (not to downplay your other work, I think your art is amazing)!
As always, ConnorGrail did a great job on the tracks feeling appropriate to the game. The aggressive music plays into how perilous but fun the game feels.
I must also commend devdwarf, as the mechanics are extremely enjoyable to use!

Double 5-star, no question.

Edit: Top 10 on both leaderboards. I'm coming for #1 on the Combo, mmattugh.

mmattugh responds:

dam thanks for taking the time to write this out.

i'm glad you enjoyed it :^)

devdwarf responds:

Thanks so much :)

Smooth, fun little charming game. Great job, loved it :].

Best time was 02:23:60, sub 02:20:00 is definitely possible. Also, when I press G the screen just turns black, also what's the button to exit game back to the home screen and how to reset the timer? Other than that, it's a great and addictive game.