Reviews for "Walking Cycle for Dummies"


Cool tutorial.. be nice if you made a running one too :)

Nice one very helpful

Very nice im not new to flash jst never really used it and this tutorial is very helpful and constructive thanks, the only problem i had was with the link at the end, dunno wether thats jst me so jst check it out cheers.

It's... actually walking. Whoa.

THANK GOD ! Finally, a tutorial that doesn't require you to press 9000 buttons to make a guy walk. I usually find guides that ask me to eat onions, push that button, another one, eat bananas, but at last I have found the tutorial that teaches me how to do that frame by frame animation.
Thanks a lot. :)


Excellent, Thanks!

Cool :)

Hey! Now I can really start doing some magic in Flash CS4!