Reviews for "Walking Cycle for Dummies"


Excellent, Thanks!


Great simple tutorial, Cheers.

It's... actually walking. Whoa.

THANK GOD ! Finally, a tutorial that doesn't require you to press 9000 buttons to make a guy walk. I usually find guides that ask me to eat onions, push that button, another one, eat bananas, but at last I have found the tutorial that teaches me how to do that frame by frame animation.
Thanks a lot. :)


Perfect, helped me alot with drawing out my wizards walking animation.

1.) did the stick figure animation from this tut.
2.)drew over every frame with robes and added eyes/mouth

It acually looks normal now lol, ty


Usually I exaggerate the walking of my characters, I'll have to keep this video in mind. If I can't remember, the downloadable looping dummy can come in handy! Good idea making a tutorial on this, as it's not something people already made before.