Reviews for "Drawing Hands for Dummies"

its all good

all your tutorials are really helpfull and ur animations are awesome especially 3D and i also like -Superhero-. you sould keep it up because u might be able to be one of the best flash artists on newgrounds.

I gave you a six on interactivity cause u get to press the next button thing.


Thanks dude, thats was helpful

Thanks! I really need this for Pico's Cousin Two!

I few people told me that the new otis's hands looked arthritic! Now i can make good hands! Although here are some suggestions:
1. Music Music Music. Everyone loves music while learning.
2. A little longer. While this does stand on its own you really SHOULD have combined all the tutorials youve made into one.
3. Keep up the good fucking work :-D


Thank You!

I always sucked at drawing hands but i can draw them better now :) thnx


that was stupid