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Reviews for "XERO feat. Jeff Waters (Annihilator) - Savior"

Sounds really ... tinny to me. Leaves lots of room for the vocals, but the drums are buried, particularly the snare. Also sounds almost sidechained which feels like a symptom of overcompression to me.

Basically, I would compress your drums a bit less. They sound very hot, especially those hats. I would also pan them a bit wider. Snare needs to come way up in the mix. Totally buried.

I'd cut a little more low out of those guitars. Bass could, ironically, use a little more mid and high end, a little less ... that sub range is thumping in and out, making it feel like a case of over-EQ.

Overall the mids in this mix feel just crushed to me, and the low-end is pretty muddy. Playing and technique sounds great though. And good songwriting. Kudos.

Note I do have ATHm40's so any warts in the mix are gonna naturally sound worse to me. It may sound better on typical commercial headphones. Those hats are really killing me though.