Reviews for "Mystery Gift"

Very cool.

That was very well done. I loved it the story was amazing. I hope for you to have the best of luck in your future endevors!


Actually, I had to stop watching it..... What the hell does it mean or what is it trying (key word is "trying") to say???
Or do you know something we don't?


i agree with the last guy

that was pretty good, but it was long, boring and relatively pointless... i know you must have spent tons of time and effort on this but to tell you the truth, i think it sucked...

(it would have rocked if it wasnt so long, boring, and pointless)


Not to knock your movie or anything, because it was a really great one, but after about three quarters of the way through it, I seriously started getting sleepy... Excellent job though!

My God, What's Next...AMAZING !!!!!

This is Epic, Beautiful, Magical in its scope,
and takes us on a journey. Mystery Gift is
Outstanding+. But I wonder if folks looked
at Peblo #5. That was ON FIRE too. Check it out if you missed it. Lord, what's next?