Reviews for "Night Runner"


This song is very well-paced. Considering the title and sound of the song, you really do see images of someone running through the night, down the alleyways and lit streets, illuminated by lights of many different colors. Then, he stops to catch his breath for a short time, and then he's off again.

This song is going in my favorites. Keep up the good work, dude!


t is cool

Simply Jazz

Every song I enjoy is so underrated, excellent song. It has a distinct Japanese tone to it yet is Americanized.

This is great

This makes me want to go and make an RPG. This is perfect RPG Final Fantasy battle music.


A pleasure to listen to!
Loved everything from beats to the piano. Everything is well done and really articulated in an astonishing groove of sounds.
Respect and keep up this great work!