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Reviews for "Detective Frofrog"



McRhyme responds:

Thank you! Glad you liked it!


Somehow, with two mouths, I expectedd him to talk more. Anyway, it was great. The backgrounds were especially well-done, and there was definitely some character development. Some things to watch out for in future efforts -- of which I hope there are many: the sound had a bit of a reverb problem; maybe recording could be done in a more acoustically insulated area. Also, I found the easter eggs to move just a bit too quickly (numbers 1 and 5 in particular). Otherwise, fantastic, and I hope to see more.

McRhyme responds:

We recorded all voices in my tiny appartment that's probably why they are like they are...

I first wanted Frofrog to have to different voices, but no - It would never have worked. But if you do look at him as he talks it is with diffent mouths and it si sort od like they reply to eachother.


Lotsa style, good sound and primo illustration! I must say this is one of the better directed Flash on NG and that it definetly looks like you must have spent a century on it. I must make special note of the sound and how well it was recorded, very proffessional.

Definetly a 5/5 10/10! I expecially liked the axe weilding part!

McRhyme responds:

I almost have spent a century if you combine all the diffenent stages.

Characters, Story Line, Storyboards, Painting Backdrops, Editing Backdrop, Manus with text, Recording music, Directing, Voices... and animating the whole damn thing!


Great movie. I hope the rest of the series turns out this awesome.

that was one of the tightest flash movies ever

i own at the easter egg shit i got it first try and ilike that you screw the people who don't do the preloaders.

p.s. the second one better be as good
and the music video sfter you get the eggs was hella sick

McRhyme responds:

It's a tight movie, yeah! I'll do my best on the next episode. I don't know if it'll be enough to reach your expectations, but I'll do my best. You have my word on that.