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Reviews for "Detective Frofrog"


it's good ya should see it but the special thing at the end was gay ya should let us chose a way for him to go like chase the pirate or stay and let her die.....

McRhyme responds:


Another Ytoon classic

Hey man. That was great! I loved that song at the end. I got all the eggs, man they were tough. The only thing is that it picks up too slow. The sleeping Quadro was a bit much, unless you want to expand upon it the next episode and have him save the day while he sleeps or something. And Quadro looks a little feminine, I thought he was a girl till the axe chasing sequence, consider facial hair. But it still was a great movie. Your music is great too. It's all GRRREEEAAATTT.

McRhyme responds:

No facial hair on Quadro, but he is a man. You're the one who played the cat in the trea in YP#4, or did you not? No... you didn't but you should have but I was in too much of a hurry. Right.


Got all the egs:

1: Intro
2: Pirate Bot Head
3: Table
4: Mouth of Elias when talking to bartender
5: Table of bartender
6: Table after black hole explosion
7: Credits
8: Credits
9: Street after credits

PS: Use the Foward button to stop the movie so you can click the eggs its 10000000000x easier


And the secret ending is beat boxing with a mini frofrog rap

McRhyme responds:

Correct, but cheaters never sleep well at night!


I love the movie! it rocks!
Just one question, how do you enter sound in to Flash 5? I have tried importing but that dont work.

But very nice movie. Keep up the good work!

McRhyme responds:

Enter sound? You click on import for the main menu. That's it. Maybe your file is corrupt. That happened to me once when I made Ytown Public and someone sent me a voice.

Thoroughly Impressed and Entertained


I can understand why this project took you a year to complete--it was well worth the time and commitment! The movie was almost relaxing to watch, with your nice jazz track and colorful characters. This must have been a rewarding experience for you. Looking forward to seeing more, and wishing you success in your goals!



McRhyme responds:

Thank you! I think the coolest part of it all is to read all the reviews from all over the world, take you as an exemple, you're from NY. That's cool. I'm from Sweden you've seen my movie and thought it was worth reviewing! Thanks