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Reviews for "Detective Frofrog"


that was the greatest! i love all your toons and LOVE ytown public! i cant get that song the "cell" hums out of my head! "dabadooody" etc. i was impressed with the work you put into that one and it was a pleasure to watch - the character design was amazing! congratulations! 5 for you!!

McRhyme responds:

Haha! Thanks!

Alabadodi alambado di la di dey!

That's how it goes!


I love the egg idea.And this is a big leap in quality from ytown public.Good job!

~Jim Nealer

McRhyme responds:

Glad you think I've improved. It's the aim, improving.

Been doing some work but it's going slow because all my creative energi goes to my wonderful girlfriend.

Very well done!

You left the little movie on such a good cliffhanger... I WANT THE NEXT ONE! All time time you put into this REALLY shows, the art is just amazing. Keep up the good work!

McRhyme responds:

Glad the cliffhanger has you hanging. But you'll have to wait some more. I'm not even close to finishing the next episode.

so new

I like the newness. The characters were very interesting. Jazz is good.

McRhyme responds:

Thanks! Jazz is very nice. I've never seen anything like this either :)

That was different....

I loved the way you used the animation with the jazz, Its very interactive too. Good good...defentley one of my favourites!

McRhyme responds:

Cool, I think the intro is the best part.