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Reviews for "Detective Frofrog"


i thought the movie was great. i dont have any of your animations on my favorites list but on my profile i recomend to people to watch your movies. anyway i thought it was great and i got all the eggs on my first try.

McRhyme responds:

Thanks man!

Good job on the eggs!

great as always!

if you ever want me to say "piss off!" again in one of your movies let me know, im free!...that made me sound like a prostitute....i'll never be any good at reviewing! once again good job!

McRhyme responds:

I don't know! Haha! You should be proud, being part of 'Ytown Public'. I'm glad you liked this new movie. Did you not see it until now? It has been here several months!


That flash was great!

I liked how you did the backgrounds and animations and the sounds really sounded authentic.

Please tell me there's Part 2 to come!

McRhyme responds:

There is a part two comming in the summer. It will be even more beautiful and.. funny.


I like how you used sectional animation...talent man! Much of an improvement in the creativity and humour from Ytwon. But I think this movie was kidna random. Even though I watched it like 5 times, and I understand whats going on, the impatient people wont watch it 5 times to understand. Or maybe I'm justr slow! :)

Well, overall, nice audio, animation, creativity and the only thing to improve on is the story. When the second episode coming out?

McRhyme responds:

It is true. I'd say an average person would have to see it 10 times to notice all the little funny things that fill the movie. And it did take me 6 month to make it, so I really don't see a problem with other people watching it more than once. It's only fair!


A fan of the old series, now the new one.
You have such a obvious, yet hidden/sarcastic humor that I find refreshing, and I hope to do something like this someday. Maybe I will, or not. But keep up the great work. Excessive effort shows in this and I am glad that you still make movies. Kepp up the great work.

McRhyme responds:

Thank you, and I will continue making more movies. It's just that I so much to do in school. Who would have guessed engineering in physics would be hard?!