Reviews for "Drawing Faces for Dummies"

Hey nice...

Hey nice little tutorial. I can make faces but yours looks a little better and is much more real looking than my faces..

Is there anyway i can save this to look at later?
And have you got any other flash tutorials?

un-mediocre responds:

Sure, I can send you the source file (send me an e-mail at uhh_nonsense@hotmail.com). And yes, I have got another tutorial which is "Drawing 3D Heads for Dummies"


very helpful tutorial...taught me some things that i didn't know. thumbs up to this

=) yay

thanks man i can't draw worh shit and i made a descent face.great tut

Great work!

Your tutorials are very quick, useful, and easy to use. Great job!


For me it is eyes and hair
NOW I can do all of it :)
ALOT of improvements to my faces now