Reviews for "Drawing Faces for Dummies"


maybe a little too simple, but it taught me something.

Yes it was a little too simple....

But they are plenty of tutorials on drawing eyes, nose, etc. However, not much focus on WHERE to put them in relation to other things.

Not one of the most detailed

But it really helped me get the basic idea of how to draw a face, was awesome!


Basically, this tutorial just told me to:
draw a face.
This tutorial taught me:
where facial features are on a face.

It needs to not only be longer, but actually show newbs how to draw the hair, eyes and mouth, not just where they should be put. If you do concentrate on where they should be put, then going into more detail is the only real way to teach anyone anything.


For me it is eyes and hair
NOW I can do all of it :)
ALOT of improvements to my faces now