Reviews for "Drawing Faces for Dummies"


Some days i will make a flash too.

un-mediocre responds:

I hope this'll help :)


Another great tutorial by you.

un-mediocre responds:

Thank You! :D Wow, you guys give great reviews... I'm going to go do more tutorials :P

Hey nice...

Hey nice little tutorial. I can make faces but yours looks a little better and is much more real looking than my faces..

Is there anyway i can save this to look at later?
And have you got any other flash tutorials?

un-mediocre responds:

Sure, I can send you the source file (send me an e-mail at uhh_nonsense@hotmail.com). And yes, I have got another tutorial which is "Drawing 3D Heads for Dummies"

This will come in very handy

If I ever decide to make an attempt at flash, this will help me a great deal, since I can't draw to save my soul. Thanks.

Muted Tempest

un-mediocre responds:

Thanks for your great review! Check out my other tutorials (I'm making more)


nice art style! tat face looked so fucking good!

un-mediocre responds:

Thanks! :P I try ;)