Reviews for "Drawing Faces for Dummies"

what the hell is the point of this bull crap

rubbish graphicks, rubbish style rubbish bla bla bla. there is no point in this send in. don't watch it it is a waste of brain cells


cool i guess......not worth much though.

Very Informative

Thanks for making these
learned alot from it
Keep making more


Hehehhe nice tutorial but just kinda simple, cause i think some of us know this basic stuff, ohwell its a decent little game if it helps i guess it does its job...


un-mediocre responds:

Yep, it is pretty simple.. but there actually are people who can't even do it! :P Thanks for your review!


This series of tutorials is awesome! I CAN FINALLY FOLLOW SOME TUTORIALS!

BTW:What brush do you use for the face?

un-mediocre responds:

Thanks! :) (I use the smallest circular brush, and usually have it zoomed out a bit for quick smooth lines)