Reviews for "Shoot Trent Lott"

O......... K........dunno what i'm supposed to make of this game but umm....yeah

i enjoy this game and im american and i think people with that confederate flag are the american terroist that dont belong here. and for you assholes who think this is racist? just to let you southern fuckers know, you southern people started this racist shit first. you bucked toothed, family fuckers, drunking idiots.. KKK are american terroist they make our country look like shit because of those terroist.

Prejustice northern shit.

Before I go explaining how much I hate idiots like you, let me actually put in a review. The art was horrible I doubt you drew any of it. You clearly havent been to the south EVER before in your life. Also your a complete dumbass, infact your a racist (No not likie the funny internet kind like the Kkk kind that was invented by union soldiers in illonois) I hope you burn in a slow painful death while being analy raped.


amazing simple stuff like this. submit this nowadays and it wont even go through. wish i could go back in time

Kidbuukicksass is naive.

dude this was great i like shooting racist pieces of shit like this! Kidbuu a majority of rednecks and southerners are in fact RACIST! i have no problems with them but if one of them make even the slightest racist remark in my presence and i'll knock their teeth down their throat before they can blink.....Fuck Racism and Bigotry....time to open your eyes kidbuu.