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Reviews for "hunter with a top hat"

Its short but fun

Hmm, a little too short for my tastes, but it was fairly interesting and it hooked me, so not too shabby (plus, you did say it was 5 minutes, so can I really blame it for being short, haha)! I liked the atmosphere and the little touches in the interactions that added to the storytelling: kicking the door down, turning on the lighter in the tunnel, seeing the mysterious people show up late, and so on. And while it was a bit short, the boss fight was pretty cool with multiple phases to fight through (though phase 2 was a bit confusing because I wasn't sure if I was making any progress with the shield, was it just a waiting phase?) I think there is a pretty decent core here to work from for neat storytelling and combat, and I'm intrigued to see more!

Okay, the battle was just too short. There was at least 1-2 fun mechanics from the boss and a really nice atmosphere. But this is like, man I wanted more. Expand upon the idea, there is potential. (Also this isn't really like cuphead)

(I can sequence break in the first 10 seconds and leave the stage completely. Maybe you should of play tested this and ironed it out a bit more.)
EDIT: I can sequence break TWICE within the first minute. Dude.

Not bad.
However, it would be better with more detail and a better story. This was too bland.
I'm guessing that's wasn't your aim since it's a 5 minute game (which is too short for a game) but still, what exactly are we playing here? Otherwise, I liked the game. It was well put.

i fell out of thw world XD