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Reviews for "hunter with a top hat"

It's a short game without much to it. The atmosphere is set really well, the art works well, the rest is ok. A few problems:
- At the forest at the edge of the guy's house, you can jump off the edge of the map and softlock yourself.
- At the tunnel leading to the boss room, you can fall off the map and softlock yourself at the transition point between the tunnel and the boss room by jumping into it.
- The boss intro plays every time you respawn, wasting a lot of time.
- It isn't made clear whether you have invincibility after you take damage, or for how long it lasts. If there is no invincibility, that's a problem on its own, and if there is, it should be made clear how long it lasts.
- Phases where the boss is invincible and you have to dodge attacks and wait to fight them are almost always a bad idea. You cannot optimize for the amount of damage you deal to the boss, giving those segments a low skill ceiling, and making them very boring to a player who has figured out how to get past them consistently, which isn't that hard for this fight.

Finally, I like how how the bottle the hunter uses to drink the power up doesn't just disappear and is brought up along with the rocks when the boss goes to phase 3. It even has physics applied to it, just like the rest of the rocks. It's a nice touch.

Really short, but good job with the mood, would like to see some kind of sequel. The only problem is, at the very start of the game I moved right and jumped around through the forest and... I fell off the frame, without dying. I had to restart the game. I know the plot makes you go in the other direction, but for safety I think it would be better if yu added a higher barrier.

Im really excited to see more!

This is a really cool game. Makes me wonder what those 2 guys were saying when they came to the house. Cool boss fight I killed a man haha.

brand new i like it keep up the work man
and like the style