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Reviews for "hunter with a top hat"

Make more!

i mean it was ok, the text was cut off for me and by the time he was pleading he was dead. it was also really short

Fun game wish i could laern more about the people trying to stop me or whatever.

Sooooooo..... I'm gonna guess being able to jump off the screen to the left probably isn't intended? Or the right?

I mean, I like the feel you're going for, but it just seems like... It needed some more polish. It's fine to have a short demo, but part of that means making sure what you have really shines. Between the native screen resolution not actually letting me see the whole game, The English text not always fitting and/or getting cutoff, the obvious sky box if you move to the right or left, being able to jump over what I assume are supposed to be invisible walls keeping you in bounds... Even the fact that you can still shoot (and presumably move, though you can't see it ) on the end/patreon screen makes it feel sloppy. This seems less like a demo and more of an early draft.

I liked the style and music. It is short, but atmospheric.

Nevertheless, the biggest problem for me is the screen resolution. I am playing in a laptop, and the game is too big for my screen! Some part of the text seems to be missing, I don't know if it s caused by the resolution...