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Reviews for "Mean Old Lady"

Can't believe you're still posting your work to this site.

Really funny animation with a few surprises and a dark (but somewhat fitting) twist at the end.

Feels like your style of drawing/animation just doesn't fully convey the intensity of the stare(s) with this one. XD

Though... maybe that's intentional, cause maybe that old lady wasn't all that bad after all. May she RIP. Definitely didn't expect that end, but you managed to carry on the comedy a bit with the cat anyway, and keep it classy. No badmouthing the dead. Well done. And good story.


didn't know you had a newgrounds page for your content. never had an old lady like this, but I have had neighbors like this

This was just enjoyable lol. The best part about it was the voice acting. I really hope you reach out to other people on here to voice act because you got talent! The humor was on par with everything. Love the cat bits and that one scene of the boy getting his head decapitated lmao. The animation and art were both rather cute as well. Nice job mate! Keep up the amazing work! :)