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Reviews for "Sneaky Slime v0.3"

Thank you for updating. It loads on iOS now, but has no sound

ImperialPixe responds:

Glad to hear it mostly works.

I dont know why but the pink astronauts animations are really hot to me lol great work all around! Exited to see where it goes next! Could maybe become something like the game "The Visitor" or "Astrocreep", but you know... hot. where you start off as an experimental fluid or something then you become a slime and go through the ship smashing every chick there (as maybe a point-and-click style game where you would need to do certain actions in the right sequence to make them vulnerable.)

IDK, just how i think it could continue from this point, I understand that would take a lot of time though... I wish you luck on future developtments!

ImperialPixe responds:

Thank you for the support. Violent reverse horror game, but sexy instead, was definitely my starting point on this.

Since 0.1 It has visually improved, the interface is a bit smoother than before that I can tell and the addition of an item really made it less confusing on where to go (atleast for a single room). I dig the pixel art and will be waiting for the new release. Good luck :)

Good ol' sneaky slime.

Really quite well made, once you've got everything implemented, I'd love to potentially see more levels...

ImperialPixe responds:

I'm not opposed to doing more, but I'll probably call it a sequel rather than more levels, because I do want to call this a complete game soon