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Reviews for "Mr. Ingredient"

This was surprising to me. I was not expecting such a bittersweet narrative, where a character recollects everything about someone else with such feelings of admiration, specially over someone as curious as Mr. Ingredient.

The art direction is top grade. The visual certainly feel nostalgic, but beyond that there's a lot of personality and life in it with the way the characters move and express themselves. The colors vary between warm and cold accordingly and I liked that because it tied with the writing.

I am a bit conflicted about the presentation when it comes to the narrator; on one hand, the narrator speaks very fast and seems to slur their speech in the process, making it a bit harder to understand, which is not very good for a short film. On the other, it legitimately sounds like they're about the cry, which nails the sentiment that the narrator truly misses this character, and also makes me kind of wanna cry too :).

Overall, very moving, very pleasant and great work. Subtitles could help quite a bit. I cannot stress how happy I am that it didn't end with Mr. Ingredient simply dying, but moving on to something that is hopefully better.

Really enjoyed this man! beautiful stuff

Were these drawn digitally or on paper?

kindclutter responds:

thank you. a bit of both. some things hand-drawn, others on cels, supplemented by some digital hoo-hoffery. i try to do what is most expedient for the whole piece.

I really like the UPA look!

You really accomplished a ton with this runtime. The premise and his name is funny, but and I found it real sentimental too. The designs rock and complement the sweetness super well. Gave me a big smile :)

Love this

Has a nice artsy style with the color and paint style but especially the color, my take on this So I have suggested some subtitles options it would be a real plus on your part. and I think the fans would appreceate it, and doesnt have to be anything fancy, just something simple text and all, try it out, it cant hurt, There are some areas that you could refine but for the mostpart this was cleverly done, And I liked it from the start you really bring some talent to the front of the table, I was pretty taken back with what you have presented here there was alot to take in aswell, and it was a pretty nifty and very interesting movie entry you have submitted here so keep them comming.

my take on this would be adding some nifty subtitles