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Reviews for "Madness Redeemer"

Damn this is...

...a wonderful world. The fact that i could come home from a very bad day at work and just click a few times to see some of the greatest animation in the free world,(meaning your work), makes everything beutiful. Thank you again K.

Loved it

This was really good, 8 on graphics due to stick men style people, also, the reference to the marchmallow was really good, i watched 4 of these at school (not the marshmallow ride) and now i see the refference, keep it up!

im gettinga sherif tracker

elevador best flash scene ever


- Pros -
Nice music, character design, and animation.
- Cons -
= Suggestions =
It's perfect, so it doesn't need any!

funny and damn stylish

NICE, this ownz!!!