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Reviews for "Madness Redeemer"


hes one smart little %@$@er im suprised he could kill all those guys with getting hit but..........at the end.....


I love the way our hero can Always pull to pistols out of nowhere make about 10 more episodes put them on DVD and sell it cuz I know plenty of peeps who would pay $30.00 or more for this shit This is the shit
Much Love

It's like serial killer porn!

Kick ass. Watch it and be amazed. Amazed like how come Cher isn't dead yet amazed.

sweet as always, still cmon double swords!

nice shit, but i really at least once wanna see him wield 2 swords or sticks, i love it when he started usin 2 shotguns delicious. oh maybe the moral should be: when intruding, watch your back
:( ???

loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very interesting!