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Reviews for "Madness Redeemer"


i am watching the series from combat to umm the 5th one cuz the series is the fucking best


Awesome stuff. Im still glad theres a 3rd but yeah this is hilarious. Good job! I love the music when your fighting the sherrif, And the shariff, and the jesus, and the Protagonist. Watch all 5 of em they are like the best animations ive ever seen. And Krinkels...GET MORE MONEY!!!!! And people...DONATE MORE MONEY!!!!!

I love you

I love this series... to the max. If you haven't played madness interactive you won't get why he wants to shoot the sherrif... Damn I want floating disembodied hands too!!!


this is one of my favorite series next to the one that im not gonna name cause of the threat posted when submitted this lol

I'm gonna review this peice as a chav would...

Man, that as like, safe. When he went on that bear rampage and all those lads were like, "whatthefuckyoudoin?" and the other guy's like, "y'startin'?" and then there was the heavy gunfight, and they're all ike, "bear, I'm dead." and he's like "heavy."

Okay if you're amercan and don't know what a chav is then you wouldn't understand what I just said. Very good, have a 5.