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Reviews for "Madness Redeemer"


Awesome killing music, it fit this well. Great series man, keep them going.

Still kicking ass

The beggining (?) of the main Madness series STILL kicks complete ass even after two years. Looking back, its amazing how much the zombies changed. And how big a part the clown became. He was always my favorite.


Wow he just like came fron out of no where strangled the 1 guy and shot the otha w/ a silenced gun. Niggas got skill. God even if its 1 against like how many dudes was it 20? they kept coming to and Jesus came which was wierd but o well. Then the clowns dude came and the played tug a war w/ the clown then ZOMBIE KILLAGE! w00t! Even in the elevator he just cant get away from those dudes. I love how everything is on the gray scale makes the blood stand out. Aww afta all that...Great job, Keep up the good work! ^-^


i like this series but i'm not sure about the music

Damn those funky tunes...

Hehehe, all good! the sound in this was incredibly well done and the sheriff music in the building was the icing on the cake, plus, Jesus just got cooler... :)