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Reviews for "Madness Redeemer"

So, I have a doubt... was Rich, employee of the month, even in that horde of Grunts, or was he too busy cleaning up the blood of the fallen? I want to imagine that the second option is the most possible. With how hard it must be to clean up the mess after the massacre, I wouldn't be surprised if he earned that title with blood and tears... literally.

Somewhere in Nevada, some guy named Hank murders at least fifty people in lukewarm blood to take down an official referred to as the Sheriff, resulting in the creation of a group that's literally referred to as "Agency Against Hank Wimbleton". He also literally gets shot by Jesus. It's the first use of blood in the Madness Combat series and is a great animation in general. No complaints about this one. Oh, also some guy named Rich becomes employee of the month in every building in Nevada- which is pretty much the entire world here. That or the grunts all have the same name.


do i even have to say something ? :)

Wow first madness that have blood