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Reviews for "Madness Redeemer"

nice job, nothin beats this one

Yes... This was ahead of it's time.

About a decade ago there was a period in my life when I was watching and rewatching Madness movies every other day. They were the coolest thing on internet and resonated well with the hugely popular Matrix series that were the coolest thing in cinema and were made in the same years. Being a hero who guns down and beats down huge crowds of enemies against impossible odds was all the craze back then and it doesn't get old today too.

This particular episode Madness Redeemer really started the Madness craze for me. This is first movie where the hero goes on a conscious killing spree mission. Madness Redeemer established the mission-infiltration like killing spree format that also defined the later episodes and that is the Madness that I like.

The elevator scene is my favorite part of this episode, a very thoughtful and well done action sequence.

The Clown makes first appearance in this episode too.

Jebus returning from Madness Combat 1 and stopping the hero seconds before him fulfilling his mission and thus cementing his role as the Nemesis was a great ending.

Dude can't wait for MC 3

Beautiful. For it's time there was hardly any flaws.

V Cleary is was Sapan because he hates Jebus!