Reviews for "Crush Depth"

Very good!

It's excellent! The only complaint is that there should be a longer ending, not a suddenly STOP ending. Great song though!

4AM responds:

Well, technically, the song is supposed to work as a loop, not a whole track. This was NG and I figured for a quick project, it's supposed to be loops anyways.


sweet song, do you use FL?
cuz i just got it lol was wondering how to do a proper bassline cuz iw ant to start making DnB
10/10 5/5

4AM responds:

No, this track was done in Reason 3 (the bassline was designed way back in 2001 using Reason 1.0!). Here is a tip for basslines (not familiar with FL, so I can't give you specific directions): You need 3 oscillators, two sawtooth and one sine. Sawtooths should be detuned slightly and run through a chorus, and the sine should be an octave lower and clean. Then you can filter the saws in and out all crazy like and retain a solid bass. Experiment with adding distortion, stereo fields, and compression until you get something that sounds good and is somewhat versatile.

PS: A Phaser is my dirty little trick :-)

the best

need i say more

Epic. Put in MY body first.

Aside from the fact that, much like Swirly-Helix, I want to make sweet, sweet sound love to this song, I will say that it sounds like something that could either be in a Half-Life 2 or Halo 3 Flood Scene. Now, let me prepare . . . . *unzips pants*

4AM responds:

Maybe I should make an album called "Audio Insemination"


Drum and Bass always makes me feel pumped up! This feels like a pretty sweet fight scene. I liked the drums that you used alot, only thing that wasn't too great for was the beginning around :30. It made it seem really lame but i think maybe a different hat would work better or something or maybe a little drum loop there. My favorite part was when the real beat kicked in around 1:30. I liked the use of the piano alot! Don't take my advise too harshly or even seriously because im not that educated in music but i do try to make some. If you want you can check it out and tell me what you think.. ( i'm not that good =()

Overall I really liked this alot.

4.29 / 5.00 (+ 0.0046)