Reviews for "Crush Depth"

((VOTED 3))

What made you think it was a good idea to make the intro like over a minute long. It got incredibly boring and it wasnt even drum n bass. It was mostly just ambient noise. I would definantly suggest shortening it up. And it really didnt sound like a loop at all. It stopped incredibly abruptly. Just patch up those things and this could be an average drum n bass.

4AM responds:

1. Long intro? Dramatic effect. Would be useful in a movie during a buildup scene. Cut it out if you don't want to use it, but now you have the option.

2. It's a song that loops. After the abrupt end, start from the beginning again. "Loop" doesn't have to mean "one bar of piano scales".

Very good!

It's excellent! The only complaint is that there should be a longer ending, not a suddenly STOP ending. Great song though!

4AM responds:

Well, technically, the song is supposed to work as a loop, not a whole track. This was NG and I figured for a quick project, it's supposed to be loops anyways.

Very nice.

I'm not going to go into a hardcore indepth review like I usually do... but a review's a review none the less.

The beginning was kind of a turn off; I felt compelled to review this, so I was gonna give it a chance, but if I heard this with just music that I was gonna listen to for pleasure, I'd probably turn it off right after hearing that boom. The compression on that boom sound effect is just... horrid. Sorry, didn't like that very much. Just a normal boom would have sufficed intead of this sound that just seems to molest the beautiful piano afterwards.

The rest of the song is good, and that dirty lead you bring in would have worked a lot better if you built anticipation with it instead of just bringing it in, you know? Have it filter in and have them subs just a rumblin', and then do that kick roll in.

Very nice drum samples by the way, and even as much as I liked them... I like my samples loose. And slicing is definitely not loose, man. Hearing some custom high end cymbals in the background with some awesome loose percussion that is EQed to be thick would have worked a lot better. Maybe the loop you have going would have worked a lot better for background sounds instead, whilst thicker sounds layed down the real EQ?

The rest of the song is nicely done arrangement wise; nice breaks everywhere.

Good work, and remember, I give you these tips cause you've got awesome skill. Knock me dead with your next track; drop me a review when you submit it so I'll know to come and review.

Keep it easy;


very niice

this is very good.. ^.^; i feel weak..eh my programm i use is just too weak..FL5 yeh i really kned to find quality programms like soon...by question what programm do you use..its sounds somthing i would like to practice on...sweet sounds and samples


4AM responds:

I use Reason exclusively. The bassline is actually a custom design of mine from some modified Reason subtractor patches & effects, if you want the combi :-D The only samples are the drums, a Simon V Drum n Bass set for the mains and a modified, distored Amen labeled "Firefight" that I picked up a while back, and the piano is an NNXT combo string/piano thing. The "engine rev" effect is basically just a subtractor with a mod envelope and FM+Ring mod all the way up, I couldn't figure out how the hell else to accomplish it the way i wanted *shrug*. Pretty basic, I just threw this together quickly in about 2 nights just to have something worth submitting :-D Thanks for the review!


It was a lil unexciting, but for the most part the beat was pretty tight. Perhaps it's just not my style, but I kinda liked this one. The cymbals got a lil annoying right at the end of the piece, though...

Good effort for you!