Reviews for "Crush Depth"

Nice work :)

Like others good sets of dnb, slow start, "chaotic" middle and peacefull end :D:D

I absolutely love this tune!

This is one of the best tunes ive heard in a while. The entire track is just awsome and the build up makes it that much better. Thnx and keep making dnb like this.


The beginning is very slow, thoughtful, and methodical. Then hauls ass into a teeth rattling epicenter. The bass is just what I'm looking for. Keep this up, and cheers.


The beggining is slow, but when this song gets going, it makes me shake. You could remix this. Make the tempo faster add kick a beats like the end in the beggining. Good Work!!!

cool :)

I liked the intro... nice and long, that's usually how dnb intros are supposed to be. :)

the reese was fucking sick man, I'd just vary it up a bit when the first break comes in. Also nice job with the sidechaining... really showed it's colors during the buildup :)

The drums are really heavy here, lovin the ride ;) I'd just say vary it up a bit more and add some more modulation to the bass. Pretty sweet track otherwise ;)