Reviews for "Crush Depth"

Make love to me

seriously. I want this song inside of my body

4AM responds:

LOL Best Comment. Ever.

I need a longer version

this song is amazing, I listen to it all day at work It would be really cool if you could make an 8 min + version

4AM responds:

Well, this was only ever intended to be a loop, but hey why not! Let me finish up the other projects I have going on and we'll see about an 8 min version...

Brain Meltdown!

Wicked base!


sweet song, do you use FL?
cuz i just got it lol was wondering how to do a proper bassline cuz iw ant to start making DnB
10/10 5/5

4AM responds:

No, this track was done in Reason 3 (the bassline was designed way back in 2001 using Reason 1.0!). Here is a tip for basslines (not familiar with FL, so I can't give you specific directions): You need 3 oscillators, two sawtooth and one sine. Sawtooths should be detuned slightly and run through a chorus, and the sine should be an octave lower and clean. Then you can filter the saws in and out all crazy like and retain a solid bass. Experiment with adding distortion, stereo fields, and compression until you get something that sounds good and is somewhat versatile.

PS: A Phaser is my dirty little trick :-)

best dnb on newgrounds

being a fan of dnb for 7+ years I can honestly say this is the best dnb ive heard on NG, just makes ur head bounce, diverse, original and the beat just flows so well.. awesome job!

4AM responds:

Wow, thanks! Perhaps I should get working on a new track then, if I'm so well liked... :-)