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Reviews for "Gappy 2"

Does the score even do anything?

LeviRamirez responds:

no, just there for fun :)


the error world is very hard but mostly -3 also -7 and -8 is the hardest.

hi im sorry i tried it again it is good

LeviRamirez responds:

It’s alright, you just went through some character development :)

Wonderful! I was determined to finish it, but I accidentally reloaded my page when I was already at 3-3. I'll come back to it later. Loved it!

Edit: I FUCKING DID IT YOU MRKUESVG RJFYGSBAIJHSCVA$U£//$"(T(3298!! DON'T YOU DARE MAKE FREAKING GAPPY 3! (jk, my masochist side wants more).

On a more serious note: this is a great game, the graphics are super nice and have elements from the SMB series without being a copy, also thanks to the original movement mechanic.
I've just tried also the first GAPPY (only a couple of levels, I have to sleep) and you improved a lot with this one. The pixel art is much more distinct and cleaner and the controls snappier (although still not perfect). Congrats!