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Reviews for "Gappy 2"

Pretty cool game, and nice to see a sequel to Gappy! I found the gameplay very addictive and challenging, and had a lot of fun making my way through this! Only complaint at the moment is that the controls can be a bit laggy at times: there were a couple of instances where the game would unfairly ignore my jump input and I'd fall to my death (especially when it came to successive jumps on one-tile wide platforms, an issue I had in Gappy as well that I was hoping would be fixed in this one). Also it's a bit disappointing that the game doesn't have a save/load feature (I know it's not that long but still), and there were a few issues where the collision would be a bit glitchy and I'd get stuck in something. Furthermore, it felt a bit devoid of content and lackluster compared to Gappy: to be honest, it feels like this should be the original and Gappy should be the sequel! Overall, however, it's a solid, fun experience!

28 deaths!

okay but the secret was a lie. good game though.


this game is really unique! I love the music and the art style, it's really cute. :)

better than the first game, but still broken.
level 1-8 is broken