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Reviews for "Gappy 2"

Now THIS is epic. Loved playing through this!

(edited) dev pls make a save system to save where you were because i had to get corrupted coin 2 times and im also stuck on chaos road and i have a small up button so maybe change the button to something else like z/up/space so other people can use it in different ways?

LeviRamirez responds:

there is a 1/360 (or 0.003%) chance that the coin friend goal will go into a corrupted state. If you touch this corrupted coin then you will be teleported to the minus world.

Minis world is a collection of 8 levels, most of which are the last remaining levels of scrapped worlds (Hell levels, catacombs level, etc.)

So Im having trouble with the end of chaos road too.
Heres what it looks like: https://imgur.com/a/tYfzYku
If you would remove the middle spike pointing upwards it would become much easier imo.
The rest of the game is well done though it takes some time and replays to get it right.
Just like part1 basically.
edit: Its doable its just really hard

Wow, I have to admit I'm impressed by this gameplay. I mean, I didn't know when to stop. 1-7 was when I knew to stop. It was the hardest okay! It was definitely unique. It looked a lot like Kirby.

I don't think I played the first one. I'm not good enough to earn any medals anyway. The music's fairly nice. That dying after getting the final coin is pretty annoying though. It's still worth playing.

its good