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Reviews for "Gappy 2"

im frickin stuck at lv6

this game is great. i usually get extremely frustrated at these type of games because i keep dying for no reason but this one seems to be an exception.
after the first playthrough and learning how to actually beat the levels, the game becomes much easier so trying to beat it with no deaths is not as frustrating as you would expect.

the most difficult parts if you're going for 0 deaths are the last jump on alice's chain (3-4), the button part on (3-7) and the entirety of 3-6. ironically the last level is much easier once you know how to beat it since you have to constantly jump with different heights, so it's basically muscle memory after some time.

edit 1: found out you can consistently access bonus levels (without having to rely on rng) from the main menu; i have a really bad feeling about this. rip (current personal record: 5 deaths)
most difficult parts are the triple jump at the start of level -3 and obviously that last frame perfect jump at the end of -8 (seriously how do you do that last jump? i've cleared minus world at least 6 times now and i still have no clue how i did that. i'm always full jumping and it's still completely random if i manage to land above the top spike or not)
P.S. nice trailer

i've also confirmed that it's possible to get the rng for accessing bonus levels while playing bonus levels. i got a corrupted con in [ -3 totem ] and it sent me straight back to level -1. would be nice if it was possible to make it so the corrupted coin doesn't appear if your death counter is 0, as to not disrupt people trying to go for the deathless medals.

here's the palette requirements (supposedly align with the medals requirement):
gappy - already unlocked by default
kirby - clear world 1 with no deaths
icy - clear world 2 with no deaths
steel - clear world 3 with no deaths
gold - clear the entire game with no deaths
purply - unknown (play the bonus levels?)
error - clear minus world (bonus levels)
??? (meaty?) - unknown (clear minus world with no deaths?)
??? - unknown

edit 2: the triple jump on level -3 is way too tight; it's arguably even harder than the last jump on the final level

it looks like meat boy but green!

I like game play. Its simple which is what a lot of game devs. forget about making games. You don't need to have an open world, great soundtrack, deep lore, and lots of rule 34 to make a game great. Just keep it simple, it's basic and that's what I love about this game.

I managed to complete it with ... 747 deaths :-( Some of those levels are pretty tough! But very playable, nice graphics, good variety in the different worlds too, it isn't just a graphics thing but the experience feels different.

The music in world 2 is so dull. World 3 is much better!

One thing I didn't like (minus half a star) was that the jumping control doesn't feel really sharp? Trying to time tight jumps at ends of platforms etc often didn't respond. My guess is because of reaction time, the time it takes to physically depress the key etc, by the time the input comes in, maybe the character is just off the edge already - I know a lot of games give a tiny fraction of a second allowance for that, so that it "feels" to a player like they've timed a jump at the end of a platform perfectly. Maybe this game doesn't? But it does make it feel less responsive.