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Reviews for "Gappy 2"

I like it

So this was pretty fun wish the screen was larger though and the medals are a nice touch This one kind of reminded me of a big party, It was full of life, full of different ideas and of-course was just a big bowl of fun, I was entertained with your work and the entertainment aspect of this, and plan to check-out more from you when I get the chance. you have a good Technique keep that up.

Dont feel the need for any improvments you made a fun game


great game

really wish there was a restart or quit to main menu option.
Because when you want to restart the game you need restart the page and wait for the game to load or finish the game just to get back to the main menu.

chaos road -8 is pain but I love it, don't tell me one of the secret medal is not dying from the corrupt world that would be so hard to get.

Is this a bug?
I just got a corrupt coin while playing in the corrupt world which led me to -1 again.
And sometimes the character will turn invisible and the background color becomes pink.

Could you maybe make the victory immediate instead of when you collect it and hit the ground? I kept on collecting it, but then falling into a pit.

Cool game - but you might wanna add in some easier achievements!

LeviRamirez responds:

or you could just be a gamer B)

I can only imagine what the community would do if we're able to get a level editor or something...

LeviRamirez responds:

you son of a bitch, you might be onto something