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Reviews for "Gappy 2"

hi im sorry i tried it again it is good

LeviRamirez responds:

It’s alright, you just went through some character development :)

Wonderful! I was determined to finish it, but I accidentally reloaded my page when I was already at 3-3. I'll come back to it later. Loved it!

Edit: I FUCKING DID IT YOU MRKUESVG RJFYGSBAIJHSCVA$U£//$"(T(3298!! DON'T YOU DARE MAKE FREAKING GAPPY 3! (jk, my masochist side wants more).

On a more serious note: this is a great game, the graphics are super nice and have elements from the SMB series without being a copy, also thanks to the original movement mechanic.
I've just tried also the first GAPPY (only a couple of levels, I have to sleep) and you improved a lot with this one. The pixel art is much more distinct and cleaner and the controls snappier (although still not perfect). Congrats!

Simple baby game made for babies, third world was especially baby-level difficulty, completely zero struggle, very easy.

I enjoyed the straightforward gameplay the game had to offer, it's nothing complex, yet still pretty challenging. The soundtrack isn't anything special but it isn't anything bad either. Green Kirby-MeatBoy is a fun game to kill some time on, 31.189/34.655 stars.

No reason to tell i just hate it.

I did it you sadistic motherfucker, I almost had a mental breakdown but I did it.. Thanks for making this, I loved finishing it the first time, then I got addicted and couldn't stop until I earned the golden medal.

I'm not even gonna try looking for another corrupted coin lol, the part with the small spiked gap after the 3 buzzsaws felt impossible to me. The farthest I got was on the lower wall right of the gap (on -8). I couldn't figure it out so I decided to back out before I got an aneurysm.

Good game. Looking forward to more stuff from you.