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Reviews for "Casting Call"

So outside of the more Obvious reasons why I watched this, Akali's 4th wall breaking was a nice touch ngl

Yoooo been about time that 3d porn gets actually good. I even busted a nut on that one. This could actually keep up with that "Meru the Succubus" series that SkuddButt is running atm.
A good start for 2021

*forgot to mention that this video even has a little story, although its not one of the best, BUT IT HAS A STORY. AN INTRODUCTION. TO PREPARE FOR THE INEVITABLE.
You guys don't believe how much I hate blatant (insert x seconds here)-second loops where someone gets fucked in the same position for the whole fucking video right away. Like I don't even get time to prepare. I want to get a good look of the characters before they get fucked into oblivion. Nevertheless, great product. I approve



is this the future of porn?