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Reviews for "Ace wars"

ok i think you should make the game a bit more easier

The instructions suggest you're meant to move the ship by clicking on a location where it will immediately "teleport" and shoot. In practice it's better to just hold the mouse button down and drag... control scheme definitely needs some more thought.

What's the point of the "score"? If you die you see a score. If you win, the game doesn't bother to tell you the score, so it presumably isn't very important. Perhaps it makes more sense to give winning players a "time" and accompanying star rating, something to beat in the future for replay value?

Orick08 responds:

Mmm I see your point with the score and time, but there is a problem, the score and time of every level is fixed, but you're right there is no point to show it and give something to the player to replay the levels. Ty for the feedback <3

It was alright, but I have some minor complaints. The controls were strange to me. Having to move and shoot by holding down on the mouse doesn't feel right. And the bullets sometimes blended in with the background, making them a bit tough to scope out. Maybe give them different colors each level? Aside from that, good music, only 10 minutes, this is alright.

Orick08 responds:

Ty for the feedback, I'm going to take note about the controls and colors <3

Bad choice for the color of enemies' bullets, especially in the first level, where they're nearly indistinguishable from the background. If I were you, I'd make them bright, so that the players could easily see and dodge them.

Also, no point in making the player drag the ship by holding the mouse button. Just "tie" the ship's position to the position of the mouse and make it autofire, since there's no reason to stop firing anyway.

Orick08 responds:

Ty for the feedback I will check grow and illumination with 2D games. I don't think about that because I add the backgrounds late in development.

And you're very right there is no point to stop firing

The controls are weird

Orick08 responds:

Yeah I see the people saying that maybe I should expriment with more bullet hells. Ty for the feedback <3