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Reviews for "Chessformer"

Not about the game itself,it`s fun,but the 24 levels medal is glitched for me,i didn`t get it.

Also fun fact: If you let one of your pieces be replaced by the purple block,you won`t see it again until you reset

Insanely satisfying to complete, even to come back a few days later to finish off 20-24

difficult but fun

Great game as always! Rob, you're one of the best at making interesting and fun puzzle games.

Loved your music in Elemental Tiles and I like it here as well, chill background music running while you make your brain work. It didn't interfere with my thoughts like in Elemental Tiles where the music was so good it distracted me every 20 seconds lol.

Levels are really fun, not too challenging or too easy. It's just a well balanced game, like all the other ones I played from you. Amazing job dude! <3

epic game 11/10