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Reviews for "Chessformer"


Neat idea! I have not seen this type before. Very creative!

It's super creative how you combined the concept of gravity with a 2d chessboard. The music helps me think :) I am stuck on level 18, but determined to beat it.

Finally beat level 18. Didn't know that the rooks can move through those platforms. Would be nice to be introduced to that mechanic earlier.

Stuck on the last level, darn. Really fun, addicting game.

Super solid game, really fun, but an undo button would be such a time and life saver. I've misclicked a few times and had to completely restart.

I was really worried about this one: I have a big time grudge with chess and I thought that maybe I'd find the concept of a chess puzzler too annoying to go through. Surprisingly, I actually felt like this might've been one of your more engaging concepts yet! So many interesting puzzle designs, level after level! I do have some minor complaints though: for a mouse-controlled game, I would much prefer if interactable elements, such as the UI buttons and the chess pieces would animate when you hover over them to show they are interactable, y'know, grow or wiggle or highlight and such. Without that, it's a bit confusing to figure out how the game works initially. Anyway, I had a lot of fun with this one: nothing beat going through level after level just to hear that satisfying *snap* when you knock the enemy piece away!

Rob1221 responds:

There is a highlight effect for the buttons, but I have that disabled on mobile by checking for touch support. I guess you're using a touch-supported PC then?